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With this silver item light in weight but big in size you make a statement of excellence in high quality high purity with silver 925.


The secret is in the production process as the item is hollow from the inside but big on the outside and light to wear.


The process is called electroforming.


Electroforming is a space age technology used effectively to produce shapes and accuracies in metal products unmatched by any other fabrication method. Electrochemistry, and additives in plating baths, permit close control of electroformed parts. Results are now as reproducible as those obtained with welding, casting, forging, and other conventional techniques.


A part formed by this process has several unusual characteristics:

  • It can have extremely thin walls – less than one mil. In fact, minimum thickness is generally limited only by the fact that a part requires a certain amount of sturdiness to avoid being bent or broken by normal handling.
  • Surface features of the mandrel are reproduced with extreme fidelity on the surface of the electroform. High surface finish and intricate detail are easily obtained.
  • Complex contours are produced quite easily.
  • Dimensional tolerances can be held to high accuracy. Accuracies of +/- 0.0001 in. are not unusual. 007

Earring; high silver purity, unique process, big and light. 007

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