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The mezuzah is a small, decorative wall hanging that includes within it a prayer scroll. Most people know this and can recognize one, but why is the mezuzah so important in Judaism?

By wearing a mezuzah pendant you are taking that a step further by always keeping God with you. A mezuzah pendant allows you to constantly show the world your belief in the one true God, and your devotion to him. In times when you may need guidance or instruction, you can touch the mezuzah pendant to try to find answers or peace of mind. If you ever want to make a prayer to God but don’t know the right words, you can turn to the mezuzah, symbolizing the Shema and your respect and acknowledgement of God.


The scroll within the mezuzah has the words of the Shema, or the Shema Yisrael on it, which is one of the more important prayers in the Jewish faith. The prayer talks about always remembering the words of God and honoring them at all times. It’s a prayer of recognition that God is the one and only God, and that you are devoted towards recognizing that and following him.

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